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Newest (Older) Light Graffiti shots

I took these 2 months ago, and JUST found them on my camera when I was uploading my ‘fall collection‘ photos for my newest site.

There it is my newest shots from my latest rig. More updates to come with colored gels on each bulb (total of 30 bulbs used). Shawn and I built the rig and shot some tests. Looks pretty interesting. The backdrop is just my deck. I wanted to shoot it in my garden.. maybe next time

Tell me what you think.

Light Graffiti in Alliston

Shooting some test for my next idea.

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Light Graffiti in Alliston – Part 2

A few new ideas for this light graffiti photo day. I took these the same day as my northern lights photo (view them here)

We hung various lights on sashcore from the beams on the deck, and exposed 5 minutes, 2 minutes, 1 minute. I need to do a few more test and experiments until i find one i like. It is interesting.. next time i may try it with a person or an object.. It would look super cool.

Next i was reading about lighting steal wool and swinging it.. Well from my test, i learnt that you should have a UV filter on, or the flint may flies towards your lens and burn a chunk off. Believe me, I have the lens to prove it :( My favorite 6.5mm wide angle is now a NICE paper weight.

It was fun. Sad but fun.

I still have to fine the right exposure for this type of exposure. It is a little bit difficult because the fire burns so bright and it is hard to predict where the flint lands… therefore your framing could be completely off…

BTW i do not use Photoshop to change any colors or crop any of my light graffiti photos. I believe it is what is is. I don’t like the idea of changing my work. I have been told that i could just simply do light graffiti with a paint brush on a black background.. but where is the fun in that. eesh :)

Enjoy! Hope i inspired some of y’all!

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Light Graffiti in Haliburton

I LOVE taking light grafitti photos here. Ah what an amazing setting, there is not enough darkness for me… i need 48 hours of darkness to draw whats inside my brain.

These were a bit more challenging then you think. THE LIGHT KEPT CHANGING. I started with 1 second exposures, and as i took a photo it was always too dark. On a secondly bases… exposure would change (duh cause the sun was setting)

So this final product ended up being a 42 second exposure (yes from 2 seconds to 42 is a HUGE change… and yes i did take over 20 some photos to make this happen) but the result is very nice. i am happy at it.

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Light graffiti in Newfoundland

I touched the most easterly part of Canada, and I LOVED it there. Inspirations of light drawings always hit me on the my last day when I’m away. Its funny how that happens or why that happens. Its seems i need to fully experience the town and culture before i can paint it in my long exposure.

On my second last day I moved from the Delta to Sheraton. So this intersection is right where the hotel is.. where i took this photo. Took a couple test exposures and tad-da. (the above photo is inspired by a shirt from Living Planet)

Living Planet T-Shirts is a screen printing company in St. John’s, Newfoundland & Labrador, on the east coast of Canada. We specialize in printing works by local artists on t-shirts and high quality custom printed shirts for groups and events. Our bricks and mortar retail location is 197 Water Street in downtown St. John’s.

So I hit the streets with my camera, tripod and some snacks in my pocket.

I choose two way streets (white front light, red back light on cars) with very high traffic. The photo on the left happened because some Newfoundland passerby er were curious what i was doing.. they actually slowed down and ask.. Ah i love the people there. The result was fantastic.

I did a couple exposure with this camera position. Then I moved onto another street corner (not as it sounds)

That flowery overture was taken on water street. It was trickling rain minutes before which is my favorite time to take light paintings. I love the reflections how magic even a simple street like looks as it dance on the street. This image was not preplanned. I just exposed and let my hands do the work.

This image was a 30 second exposure. At first i disliked the flares created by the street lamps, but i don’t mind them anymore.

Someone once told me i can adjust all of that in photoshop.. but i don’t like that idea. I like to take the photo and leave it. Any mistakes made Are done. It was captured in that moment in time, when i was in that frame of mind and i do not want to touch anything. To adjust anything would make the image unreal. Anyone can learn photoshop and even fake a light painting, I want to expose it… and enjoy it.

The mistakes i see still are the flares, the unleveled camera and how i drew outside of the frame. I still love it.  This image is of of my favorites exposed that night. Its my iphone background right now.

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Light graffiti in Taiwan

On my last day in Taiwan me and my cousin cruzed around in his motorcycle and took a night tour of Taiwan. It was so great.. freezing but awesome still. He drove while I looked for a spark, an inspiration… and I was hit. In the busy streets of downtown Taipei, people and business’ were celebrating Christmas. They had lights strung from trees and chinese kids dressed in red silk dresses. I love it. It isn’t the usual western Christmas… but still magical.

I set my tripod up on a cement block. I exposed an image for 5 seconds, 10, 15, 20 and 30. In this case I had to expose for a lite (somewhat lite) background, so I could not draw endlessly like I did in other images. I found that the exposure was between 5 and 10 seconds. After a few more exposure test … 8 was the magic number (how could i NOT have guessed that… I am in Taiwan). So the twinkle fairy light were fantasic and I wanted to play on that theme.

I picked a point on the ground and drew 3 swirls to that point. I tried this about 5 times until i came up with an image I like.

I love it.

Taiwan has a very interesting ways of crossing major intersections.. its like a side walk above ground. Traffic can move as it does and people can walk as they do, no interuptions. Its really neat.

So me and mom found a busy intersection and waited for a car to make a 90 degree turn. Like the above picture, the background was pre-lite so i did some exposure test. I discovered that the perfect exposure is 12 seconds… and here the magic starts. Took about 8 tries again until i found one i was happy with.

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Light Graffiti In Alliston

Like a fire my passion grows for light graffiti (how lame does that sound). Its true. Its a huge addiction. I have preconceived ideas in my head but they never work out. I fly by my gut. When I am inspired I do it. No blueprints, no sketches… ready… set… GO.

Now this whole batch was taking in Alliston at Shawn’s house. That is his car.. on FIRE. It was a 4 minute exposure that took about 8 tries to get right. yes that is 4 minute exposure x 8 tries = 32 minutes of time spent. Plus set up, plus other ‘stuff.’ (mistakes: flare, or incorrect framing, or exposure adjustment) BAH. the list goes on. You need patience for this art.

I love this one. I used my scorpion flash light with a bare bulb (white light) and a orange gel (orange-ish light) it was a lot of fun.. and exercise. I must have burned off a few hundred calories with this one.

This picture was tricky.

I hung little Led lights and flashlights on a sash (black heavy duty string) and mounted these on a clothes line and strong Shawn spun the clothes line. it was a 2 minute exposure which took also 8 tries. It was fun. Everytime we made an exposure we adjusted the lights or framing. Sometimes it was off balanced so we hung lights of different distances.

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Light graffiti in Mississauga

This was taken 5 years ago (ish). My first light graffiti experience.

An accidental long exposure was taken years before in Calgary while camping with the cousins. We were playing with glow sticks and I took a couple of snaps… and presto I was hooked. :)

Each exposure takes about 4-8 trys of 30 seconds to 4 mins long. I first spent a few minutes determining the exposure based on the background and location. This one was simple black….. black means a long of an exposure as I need to draw my image.

Tools: A camera that has the function of a slow shutter (long exposure) A Tripod A trigger (or pocket wizard) A flash light with gels (color transparent paper)

This was a 30 second exposure (shutter), at 100ASA, and F22.

I was inspired by the palm trees when I was in San Diego. So the day I came home I was eager to capture that. I started out by finding my edge of frame by looking through the eye piece and setting small marks on the ground for myself. Then .. there I go.

I think these two came out quite fabulous. It’s perfect because it rained an hour before so  you see the reflection of the trails of light.

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